(I couldn't call it work because I love what I do)

Working with many diverse and forward thinking businesses, the projects undertaken span from delivering video marketing content to international fashion houses, to managing the print process of flyers for a local cafe.

It is my aim to serve businesses of all sizes, as I believe that every business should have access to high quality digital and print services.


Motion Graphics

World of Music



In the summer 2018, I was commissioned by Universal Music Group to produce the motion graphics to accompany the presenters on their 'World Cup Discover the Music' campaign.


Animation Explainer Series



Launched in May 2017, we I the pleasure of working with a Manchester Entrepreneur to develop a new fashion label. Together, we worked on several logo concepts and branding directions and finally produced a robust and appealing website offering the high quality product that he had developed. 

Clean, minimalistic and modern with an urban edge. 


PTS Logo.png

In late 2015 I was commissioned by PTS SA Ltd to design and manage their entire creative output. 

This meant taking the existing brand and website and chipping away to find the clean, modern and sophisticated character that you see today. 

Starting with a new logo design, we swiftly moved on to create multiple brochures, video, business cards, mugs, coasters and even set up the various social media channels. We continue to manage the website and digital assets for PTS SA Ltd.

This wasn't about a rebrand, this project has been focused on assisting a versatile and robust business in gaining an online presence that reflected their physical operations.



Throughout 2016-2017, I primarily assisted Cotesi UK with their social media creation and management. This encompassed Graphic Design, Copyrighting, Motion Graphics and Video Production.

The projects main aim was to increase customer engagement and spread product awareness.



Since 2015, I have supported Skalp UK's video marketing efforts and have travelled nationwide to meet staff and clients to create emotive and provoking video content.

Not only do these videos draw in high hits on youtube, but they strike a cord with the audience and garner both reactions and engagement.

Video marketing is vital as we move into 2017 and beyond, Skalp UK's approach has been a year or more ahead of the game and the results have been fantastic so far.

See more of the work we have produced with Skalp UK on their high performing YouTube channel 



Protected Species came to Mr Ryan with a vision of the mood and tone that they wanted to achieve with their video assets.

After two rounds of consultation and a lengthy editing process, we ended with a promotional video that we are both proud of. This was one of two pieces that we created.