"If you build it, they will come"

Back in April, I announced that I had partnered with eCommerce provider and all round amazing platform Shopify.com. After aiding several clients with their eCommerce aims, it dawned on me that maybe I can not only help others, but also partner with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs in getting our own products out to consumers. I was now a Shopify.com customer and partner!

Just this week I Co-launched www.kubie.co.uk with Gemma Gaitskell, a fashion obsessed Social Work graduate and the incredibly fortunate Fiancee of Mr Ryan. After discussing what we thought fashion and accessory online retailers were lacking, and what they could do differently, we thought hey, lets just do it ourselves!

So with nothing to lose we spent countless hours in what would have been beer and wine time, or spare time as some call it, we research the market, sourced and connected with quality suppliers, built a robust and responsive website with Shopify.com and managed to launch just 7 days later.

As the social media channels begin to get busy and the sales roll in, I am already in talks with suppliers and potential partners to launch another store through Shopify.com before October of this year. This one is a subscription service I would like to personally sign up to, accept it doesn't exist... so i'll build it!

As a weird naked Indian once said, "If you build it, they will come." Stay tuned folks.

I'd love to here your thoughts on eCommerce and any good or bad experiences you've had or if you're considering using eCommerce for your own business, please drop a comment with any queries. Always happy to help!