Creative Design, what's next?

In the late 20th century,  technology removed many of the techniques recently required for producing graphic design, and essentially displaced many designers and typographers within the industry, who were not ready for the transition. 

Since the emergence of companies such as Apple and Adobe to name but a few, the industry has undergone radical shifts and seen greater synergy with other industries, as well as new avenues opening in the forms of app design, visuals for social media and the ever increasing use of graphics within web design.

Computers didn't make design easier, it made the possibilities less limited and allowed creatives to produce work at a rate not previously possible. Work is now of a higher quality, and serves its viewers much more than it did in the past. 

Graphic design has constantly changed and evolved throughout time, but the past 10 years have seen the boundaries that designers used to work within, shift and alter to a point where the various creative disciplines have merged into one. This is largely a result of the fast pace in which technology is moving and the reduction in costs to acquire the latest software.

Myself and many of my creative friends are now photographers, videographers, coders, graphic designers, illustrators and animators. At times we struggle to pin down exactly what it is that we do, as thanks to technology we cover so many different bases. 

But whats next for this industry? What new skills should we designers and creatives be taking on to help us through the constantly shifting landscape? Personally, I have begun refreshing my HTML and CSS skills with a view to expanding on this and moving into PHP, Java etc.

But what are the new areas we can plug our skills into? Maybe youre a graphic designer that wants to move into web, or a videographer that wants to bring graphics into your video productions? Whatever it is, it can only improve your worth to potential and existing clients and give you the opportunity to raise your prices, after all you are now offering more within one point of contact, a more versatile asset.

As always i'll be keeping my eye on technological developments and online trends, in a bid to find new scope for business, but more importantly, keep moving forward and innovating.