Moving forward

The past few months have seen my practice change course and a new momentum toward moving image has arisen.  Infographic design and 2d animation has long been my most popular and most enjoyable service but I am now focusing much more on live video, graphics and typography in the form of the title sequence.

Quality Film and TV has long been a passion of mine, and the title sequence and trailer my favourite aspects of the field. Anticipation and setting the tone are the most essential elements to storytelling and that is what I feel I have managed to do with my design work over the years.

This is me again moving forward, developing existing skills and acquiring new ones. I have become engrossed in a personal project to re-create the titles to some of my favourite Films and TV Series and also re-creating posters and trailers for a limited few. 

These personal projects will be a new focus for me in displaying my other skills, not already present in my professional portfolio.

I look forward to sharing my new work with you all in the months ahead, and as always I welcome any feedback, be it positive or negative.

I'll leave you with my favourite title sequences to date.