Year One - Some of us were born to fly

When people are against you, or don't believe in you anymore, it's a lonely place to be.

I gave up a great job and threw myself in to starting a business from nothing. I had everything against me, but nothing to lose. Over the first few weeks and months, it became increasingly clear that the only way this business would fail, would be because I hadn't put the effort in for it succeed. 

After many, many sacrifices I found myself in a position I had dreamed of but never felt possible. I had an extensive client list, a growing and impressive portfolio, several great client references and partnership opportunities with other start ups and SME's.

I have outsourced and referred work to other designers and creatives within my local community, built some great networks and had the opportunity to work with some incredible companies.

As I move into the New Year, I have some exciting projects to get started on and 2014 is already shaping up to be just as enjoyable as 2013. 

So after being so afraid to fail that I didn't even try, I took the first step, then another. I'm not there yet but I am closer to achieving my dream, and as the set backs came and went, I got stronger. Hard work, late nights, early mornings and a relentless desire to succeed won't mean that it will happen, but at least you'll have a fighting chance. 

James Caan and Start Up loans made a huge difference to my productivity, and gave me the chance to gain better equipment, in addition to some great press and interest from potential clients.

Looking back to where I was this time last year, its difficult to believe that I almost gave up on my dream. I am proud to call myself a Designer/Artist/Photographer and actually believe it. My life away from work is better, my relationships, the way I see the world, what is important to me and how people see me.

If you hate your job, take the first step toward doing what you want to do, take a risk, do something different. Don't just exist, live your life, when you do this the lives of those around you improve. It's never the right time, take control and make your own situations and opportunities. Don't settle for less than you deserve. Grow

My motto "Work hard, be nice to people and be the change you want to see in the world"

One of the men who helped get me through some tough times this year (and doesn't even know it) is Business Man and Motivational speaker Les Brown. Below is the first quote of his that I came across, this changed everything for me. 

"You can rebuild your life. Even in the most difficult times…you have the power to change the course of your life. Even now…even here…inspite of how difficult your situation might be. Because no matter what else may be happening, life is what you choose to make it. You have the power to get back everything you’ve lost. You can regain your health. You can earn more money and get back on your feet."

Other people to have influenced and or inspired me to live my dream - Steve Jobs, Eric Thomas, Michael Jordan, Ray Lewis, Ian Wright, Anthony Robbins, James Franco, Steven Spielberg, Will Smith.  Thank you!